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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I post to a Talk About Network Group?

To post a message, you must first be a member of the Talk About Network.  Click here to join. Then identify the group in which you wish to start a discussion or select an article to which you wish to respond or reply.

To start a new topic, click the link that says: "Post New Topic” You should see this link when you're one level above the actual articles in the group.

If you wish to respond to a specific post, you must drill down all the way to the message level. Your message will be "threaded" to that message and the others that have preceded it. You can find an article by searching on a given topic and then clicking on the title of the post. When you are ready to post, click on the "Reply" link.

Whether you're replying to a message or starting a new thread, the first time you post you will be taken to a registration page. It's required that you register with an email address and password before posting to protect your identity. Follow the instructions for registering. On subsequent visits, simply sign in with your login and password to access the posting form.

Please read our posting guidelines

Can I remove a message/post?

Talk About Network will remove posts by request if they are deemed offensive, abusive, violative of any laws or advertisements. The Talk About Network reserves the right to delete messages at will for any reason, anytime at its sole discretion. To remove posts send an email to abuse at Replace the at with an @. The request must include the URL of the offending post.

Messages posted by other people

By its very nature, Usenet consists of information posted by many people. The Talk About Network does not monitor or control the content of this information. Instead, we simply provide access to the public forum in which people post their comments.  Accordingly, if you are concerned about a message that someone has posted, you need to resolve that problem directly with the person who posted it. Except in extreme circumstances, the Talk About Network will not act upon an individual's request to remove another person's messages. We firmly believe it is not the Talk About Network's role to resolve disputes among the users who have posted millions of messages on Usenet, nor would it be possible to fulfill that role if we chose to undertake it.  It is the Talk About Network’s policy to respond to notices of alleged infringement that comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in an appropriate manner under such Act and other applicable intellectual property laws, including the removal or disabling of access to material claimed to be the subject of infringing activity.

I just posted an article and it's not showing up on Talk About Network’s Groups. Why not?

Messages posted to Usenet through Talk About Network Groups are typically propagated throughout Usenet within minutes. However, due to the processing time required to make messages fully searchable, your post will not show up on Talk About Network’s Groups immediately. Usually a message begins showing up on Talk About Network’s Groups within 1-4 hours, but due to random fluctuations in web space, the process sometimes takes longer.

I don't want my email address to be published on the web, but I still want to post. How can I hide my email address?

We require a valid email address to signup with Talk About Network’s Groups. If you don't want your normal email address to be listed, we encourage you to modify your public email in your My Talk About preferences page. We also sign up for an anonymous account with one of the many free email services available on the web and to post from that account. You can find a list of such services by conducting a Google search.

What is the difference between Talk About Network’s Groups and Usenet?

Usenet refers to a distributed computerized bulletin board system begun in 1979 at Duke University . Usenet users can post messages in newsgroups that can be read by anyone with access to the system and special newsreader software. Over the years, the number of newsgroups has grown to the thousands, hosted all over the world and covering every conceivable topic about which humans converse.

Talk About Networks Groups is a refined subset of popular groups that are posted and archived to our servers using Usenet. Talk About Network Groups eliminates the need for a newsreader and lets you search this archive in the same way you would search HTML pages on the Internet. You can also use Talk About Network’s Groups to post your own comments to a newsgroup.

Can I prevent my message from becoming a permanent part of Talk About Network’s Groups?

Yes. By adding the Usenet standard "X-No-Archive: yes" to the top line or header of a post.


As long are you're not logged into Talk About Network you will not be able to see the email addresses domain name.
This is to make sure spam crawlers (robots which collects email addresses) will not get your email on our site.

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